Spendelove Private Hospital, with its reputation for excellence, provides comfortably appointed, private room accommodation and personalised care for patients needing time to recuperate. Some patients come to Spendelove Private Hospital when they are ready to be discharged from an acute hospital but feel they would benefit from some extra time before returning home. Other patients come directly from home for recuperation or other sub-acute care such as monitoring blood pressure or diabetes or pain management.

Inpatient Admissions | Programs

Spendelove Private Hospital offers individualised treatment programs for both sub-acute and chronic conditions. Programs are goal-orientated and address patient specific needs in a supportive environment.

Inpatient admissions and programs are suitable for people:

  • Who have had orthopaedic surgery, fractures or injury
  • Who require recuperation and recovery from an illness
  • Who require sub-acute care such as monitoring blood pressure or diabetes
  • Who require reconditioning to improve body strength, function and mobility
  • Who have persistent pain or a chronic (long-term) illness or condition.
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The Pain Centre Of Excellence

Our innovative programs are effective at reducing the physical, psychological and social impacts of chronic pain and other rehabilitation conditions, with the primary goal of optimizing function.