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About Our Medical Services

Spendelove Private Hospital, with its reputation for excellence, provides comfortable accommodation and personalised care for patients needing time to recuperate. Some patients come to Spendelove Private Hospital when they are ready to be discharged from an acute hospital but feel they would benefit from some extra time before returning home. Other patients come directly from home for recuperation or other sub-acute care such as monitoring blood pressure or diabetes or pain management.

Highest Standards Of Care

With the highest standards of medical care, Spendelove Private Hospital offers individualised treatment programs for both sub-acute and chronic (long-term) conditions. Programs are goal-orientated and address patient-specific needs in a supportive healing environment.

Dedicated staff

Dedicated doctors and empathetic nurses are available 24/7 to offer assistance for your recovery. Investigations, specialist referrals, monitoring, and treatment can be arranged as needed: Allied health and ancillary services are available to provide support as well. Nourishing food is also an important component of the recovery process.

Clinical Review

With the highest quality and safety measures in place, doctors and nurses will review your clinical information in order to ensure that we are the most appropriate facility to meet your needs, and allocate a care team to walk you through your journey.

Who Is Spendelove For?

We Look After People...

In Need Of Recuperation
People recuperating from various illnesses, requiring expert clinical care, support and TLC to maximise recovery.
Recovering From injury
People requiring care for injuries including wound care, fractures and more, to ensure swift, uncomplicated recovery
non weight bearing patients
Non-weight Bearing / Assistance Required
Compassionate care for people who are non-weight bearing or require assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), ensuring comfort and independence during the healing process.
non weight bearing patients
Suffering From chronic conditions
People in need of expert clinical care for managing chronic illnesses and sub-acute medical conditions can rely on our dedicated services.
Geriatric Care
Elderly people requiring support for acute exacerbations of chronic conditions, including autoimmune diseases, to ensure our senior patients receive the highest level of care and attention – to maximise comfort and wellbeing.
Needing Post cancer treatment recovery
People recovering from cancer treatment to maximize their well-being, ensuring they feel their best once more.
Can Benefit From Reconditioning
For people in need of reconditioning, our dedicated allied health team help them to rebuild strength and endurance for a healthier, more vibrant life.
Needing Sub-Acute Care
For example, for blood pressure or diabetes monitoring and treatment.
Suffer From persistent pain
Our dedicated, high-level expert rehabilitation programs are designed to empower individuals dealing with chronic persistent pain. We aim to provide effective treatment, shift paradigms, facilitate healing, and help them achieve what was once considered impossible.
Medical Care

Reputation For Excellence

Spendelove Private Hospital, with its reputation for excellence, provides comfortable accommodation and personalised care for patients needing time to recuperate.

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The Pain Centre Of Excellence

Our innovative programs are effective at reducing the physical, psychological and social impacts of chronic pain and other rehabilitation conditions, with the primary goal of optimizing function.