Persistent Pain Program

Meet The Pain & Rehab Team

selected for expertise and passion

The team at Spendelove Private Hospital have been carefully head hunted for their expertise and passion for helping patients in rehabilitation and chronic pain. These exceptional team members are equally attracted to Spendelove with their shared commitment to individualised patient care.

Dedicated to Patient Outcomes

What sets this team apart is their unwavering cohesiveness, born from a shared purpose and mutual respect of each other’s expertise and dedication to achieving patient outcomes. They understand that the key to delivering exceptional care lies in their ability to work seamlessly together, with each member contributing their unique skills.
It is the team’s cohesiveness that allows patients to find trust in the security of their recovery process, engage fully, and attain seemingly unattainable outcomes in their recovery.
dr dionne litton

Dr Dionne Litton

BSc (Psych) BMed FAFRM (RACP)
Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

I love working at Spendelove because the team deliver exceptional care and expertise which leads to outcomes I would have never believed possible.

Dr Litton is a Specialist in Physical Rehabilitation and, with her background in Psychology and her compassionate approach to providing high quality care, she helps people regain their function, gain an understanding of persistent pain and adopt strategies to regain control and improve their quality of life.

Dr Heide Feberwee

Anaesthetist and Pain Medicine Specialist

Dr. Feberwee combines her extensive knowledge and experience with genuine care to improve outcomes for people navigating the complexities of pain management. Dr Feberwee also specialises in providing the latest in interventional pain management strategies, with area of interests includes headaches, neck and back pain and working as part of a of an interdisciplinary team to facilitate meaningful, durable change.

dr chou

Dr Charles Chou

Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist

As a dual-specialist, Dr Charles Chou is able to utilise the combination of his clinical expertise in both fields to deliver gold standard interdisciplinary pain management care and programs.

doctor Lawrence Kelly

Dr Laurence Kelly

General Practitioner

Dr Kelly provides Spendelove Patients after-hours high quality care, utilising his extensive experience as a General Practitioner to ensure patients have access to best medical support throughout their stay.


Enrolled Nurse

I enjoy supporting patients through the program as it is such a powerful and life-changing experience. I am grateful we are able to provide such a holistic treatment program that is effective for people that have come from varying injuries and illnesses.


(MScMed) Pain Management. (Masters) Physiotherapy. (BSc) Exercise Science. APA Pain Physiotherapist FACP

My role is to help people to reconnect and facilitate change within their bodies, learning to create unprotected movement patterns and new levels of capabilities.



Support Service Officer

I love supporting a team that are so dedicated and passionate about creating best possible outcomes for our patients.


(BSC) Physiotherapy and Feldenkrais Practitioner

I have specialised in aquatic physiotherapy for the last 20 years and have been a part of the Spendelove Private Hospital since 2015. I thoroughly enjoy working with such a caring and dynamic team and helping to create real change for people suffering with persistent pain.



(MASTERS) Physiotherapy. (BSC) Exercise Science.

I am fascinated with the innate crossover between physical and mental/emotional experiences and how they manifest and express themselves in each unique body. I get great satisfaction from guiding individuals back to comfortably inhabiting their body so they can feel more empowered, autonomous and functional in their everyday lives.



(BSc) Physiotherapy

I love helping people with persistent pain because it challenges me to apply my physiotherapy skills creatively, and offers the rewarding opportunity to help improve peoples quality of life through holistic care and tailored interventions. It’s a fulfilling blend of my passion for evidence-based healthcare and my ambition to make a positive impact.


(BSC) (HONS) Psychology

As a psychologist I have a holistic, person centered approach and I am genuinely passionate about helping others. With our collaborative, interdisciplinary approach I delight in inspiring hope, agency and a growth mindset in our shared goal to optimise health and wellbeing for sustainable and meaningful ways of living.


(BSC) Social Work

I work from a trauma informed, strengths-based perspective. One of my favourite things about working at Spendelove is walking alongside patients as they gain a sense of hope and purpose in life!


(BSc) Occupational Therapist

I believe in a strength-based practical approach that inspires, educates and holistically supports positive sustainable change in all areas of a person’s life. I love providing education in an interactive and inspiring way that empowers people to live a life that is purposeful, fulfilling and in alignment to what matters the most to them. I especially love being a part of the wonderful team at Spendelove Hospital, sharing our collective passion & commitment to our patient’s progression all areas of their life.

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