Private patients have a right to comment on the service they receive during their stay at the hospital. It is important that concerns are addressed as soon as possible. We welcome feedback about the services we offer and the patient care delivered.Feedback in the form of compliments or complaints helps SPH continually improve our service. Continual improvement processes ensure that SPH provides the very best care possible to our patients.

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Compliments and complaints

We encourage patients to bring to our immediate attention any difficulty or problem encountered with the service or care received during a patient’s admission. There are several ways a patient or their family can provide feedback, in the form of a compliment or complaint.

Comments or concerns can also be addressed following a patient’s discharge by telephoning the hospital, completing and sending the ‘Patient Satisfaction Survey’, or requesting a meeting with the CEO.

On receipt of a form, call or request, we will contact you to discuss your concerns. Where possible, we will endeavour to work with you to achieve a solution to your concerns as quickly as possible.

Additionally, an invitation is extended to patients who may wish to be part of the hospital’s patient focus group (the Consumer Advisory Group (CAG)).

The CAG enables staff and patients to review care options and improve performance. The CEO and staff of the hospital thank them for their participation and appreciate their continued contribution to making our hospital the very best that it can be.

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