At Spendelove Private Hospital, we understand the importance of good health. We are committed to ensuring that our patients receive the best care available.

As such, the mission of Spendelove Private Hospital is to improve the health, recovery and well-being of our patients.

We differentiate ourselves by providing a personalised, caring, quality service in a boutique pleasant environment.

As patient-focused innovators, Spendelove Private Hospital combines uncompromising integrity and experience to provide the foundation for healthcare outcomes.

A commitment to excellence articulates our fundamental values of integrity, dedication, understanding and empathy for our patients and their families.

Our team accepts and honours diversity, uniqueness, individualism and the contribution of others. Such patients’ needs and wishes are acknowledged and guide decision-making and care-planning.

Quality defines the standards of excellence provided to our patients. Our team is committed to the pursuit of excellence in providing care and support.

Be Informed about Services, Treatment, Options and Costs in a Clear and Open Manner
  • Receive open, timely and appropriate communication and information about your healthcare in a manner that you can understand
  • Be told the names and roles of the caregivers involved in caring directly for you
  • Receive an explanation of treatment and its associated risks before giving consent to treatment
  • Be given advice on care when you leave the hospital
  • Be provided with an estimation of likely out-of-pocket costs involved in your hospitalisation

Individual contributions, partnerships, and teamwork amongst members of staff and allied health professionals is appreciated and valued. A patient’s holistic wishes and needs are acknowledged in the assessment and planning of care processes. Strategies and interventions are undertaken to support these holistic needs and the wishes of the patient. Collaboration and cooperation are applied when dealing with the inter-disciplinary team and partnership with primary care services in addressing the holistic needs of the patient.

Our team of experienced professionals works seamlessly with patients to develop the highest quality and effective healthcare solutions.

Treatment and therapy decisions are based on established and agreed protocols developed in conjunction with specialist advice and based on best available evidence. Assessment and planned intervention processes specifically assess and document the needs and wishes of the patient and, where appropriate, their family and loved ones. On-going assessment ensures that changing needs and wishes are identified and incorporated into the delivery of our healthcare.

Our goal is that our actions will continually demonstrate these values and differentiate us from our counterparts.

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The Pain Centre Of Excellence

Our innovative programs are effective at reducing the physical, psychological and social impacts of chronic pain and other rehabilitation conditions, with the primary goal of optimizing function.